[Complete PDF] English Grammar Book 2022 PDF Download

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English Grammar Book 2022 PDF Download

Hello Students,

Here you will get Complete English Grammar 2022, All  PDF Notes Book are important for your competitive exams like – SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, Stenographer, IBPS, RRB, Railway, LIC AAO, etc. These Book PDF Notes will take you from Basic English Grammar to advance level. In this we are providing you PDF Notes as well as Practice Questions And also the PDF of Free English Grammar Book PDF for Competitive Exams,  English Grammar Book PDF have all English grammar rules with lots of examples and questions so that students can practice and score well in English. You can download this PDF Notes very simply by clicking on the Download Button at the bottom.

Basic English Grammar Book PDF शब्दों और उनके अर्थों को रटने की कोशिश न करें। यह आपको शब्दों के समानार्थक शब्द या उनके विलोम को याद करने में मदद नहीं करेगा। इसके बजाय, इसके उदाहरण और उपयोग को पढ़कर शब्द के अर्थ को समझने की कोशिश करें। इसके लिए उपन्यास, पत्रिकाएँ, लेख, कॉमिक कहानियाँ या कुछ भी, जितना चाहें उतना पढ़ें। कठिन शब्दों पर मत जाएँ। आप English grammar pdf को खोजने के लिए और उनके अर्थ को समझने के लिए आसान शब्दों से शुरू कर सकते हैं।

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One Liner English Grammar Notes PDF

  • बदले में लेना-देना – Trade-in  { EX- I traded in my old car for a new one. }
  • फायदा उठाना – Trade on { EX- I traded on his good nature to help me out of my financial difficulties }
  • पहन कर देखना – Try on { EX-The tailor asked me to try on the coat. }
  • जाँच के लिए चलाकर देखना – Try out { EX-You should try out that T.V. set before you finally buy it. }
  • किसी के खिलाफ खड़े हो जाना – Turn against { EX- We have been such good friends and I had no idea that he would turn against me. }
  • प्रस्तुत करना – Turn in { EX-He turned in his answer paper and came out of the examination hall. }
  • निगरानी करना, रक्षा करना – Watch over { EX- The dog faithfully watched over his master’s sleeping child. }
  • धुँधला पड़ना – Wear off { EX- This colour will wear off soon. }
  • समय नष्ट करना – While away { EX- Get to work. Don’t while away your time in trifles.}
  • अनदेखी करना – Wink at { EX- I can wink at his faults no longer. }
  • किसी तरीके से खोलना – Work open { EX- I had lost my suitcase’s key, but somehow I managed to work it open.}
  • मुख्यत :, खासकर – Above all { EX-Above all, don’t mention this to Hari. }
  • हक्का-बक्का होना – Aghast at { EX- As she entered the hospita she looked aghast at the bed of the wounded. }
  • अचानक – All at once { EX- All at once the sky became dark and it began to rain.}
  • झगड़े का परिणाम/कारण – Apple of discord { EX- Ever since their father’s death this property has been an apple of discord between the two brothers. }
  • बहुत प्रिय – Apple of one’s eye { EX- His lovely little daughter is the apple of his eye. }
  • थोड़ा-सा भी – At all { EX- He told me that he did not have any money at all. }
  • दिए हुए वचन से मुकर जाना – Back out of { EX- He backed out of the promise he had given me. }
  • दुश्मनी – Bad blood { EX-There is bad blood between the two brothers. }
  • बहुत ध्यान से सुनना – Be all ears  { EX-The children were all ears as I began to tell the story of Mahabharat. }
  • निश्चित रुप से – Be Bound { EX-We are bound to be late If you don’t hurry. }
  • मर जाना – Be no more { EX-Since her husband is no more she feels quite lost. }
  • बुलाने पर हाजिर होना – Beck and call{ EX- You can not expect me to be at your beck and call everytime. }
  • अनुकूल अवसर के लिए शांति से प्रतीक्षा करना – Bide and time { EX-The hunter bided his time till the tiger approached the pond for a drink. }
  • समान स्वभाव के लोग – Birds of a feather { EX- Birds of a feather tend to flock together. }
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