English Grammar Class Handwritten Notes PDF Download

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English Grammar Class Handwritten Notes PDF Download

Hello my dear friends, This post is all about basic English Grammar Handwritten Notes, This PDF of English Grammar Handwritten Notes PDF Free Download will help you to boost your score in SSC Exams. However, This complete English Grammar Handwritten Notes in Hindi PDF Download is very important to Crack SSC CGLCHSL (10+2) and CPO Sub Inspector (SI) Exams. Also this English grammar book in Hindi free download will be helpful for SSC Junior Engineer (JE)Stenographer and SSC JHT.

This article on English Grammar Handwritten Notes PDF is prepared for all competitive Examinations.  This English Grammar Handwritten Notes PDF Download New Edition is very important to crack all Competitive exams for your bright future. Best English Grammar Handwritten Notes in Hindi PDF Download designed according to SSC Latest Syllabus.

Short tricks for English Grammar Handwritten Notes PDF Download : Staff Selection Commission released the SSC Exam calendar so download English Grammar Class Handwritten Notes PDF Download and start your preparation. You can find many learn English Grammar Book Download PDF step by step in Hindi pdf study materials for the SSC Exams Preparation but choosing the best English Grammar Handwritten Notes PDF Download full version pdf one is the big task. We at Sscresult.in provide the best English grammar notes basic study material for all SSC Exams.

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Important English Grammar Question Answers

Q.1 I go to Madurai by —– Vaigai Express

 A. a

 B. an

 C. some

 D. the

Ans .   D

Q.2 He hopes to join —– university soon

 A. a

 B. an

 C. the

 D. no article

Ans .   A

Passive Voice. 

Q.3 They will demolish the entire block.

(a) The entire block is being demolished. 

(b) The block may be demolished entirely.

(c) The entire block will have to be demolished by the 

(d) The entire block will be demolished. 

Ans .   D

Q.4 This surface feels smooth.

(a) This surface is felt smooth 

(b) This surface is smooth when it is felt

(c) This surface when felt is smooth 

(d) This surface is smooth as felt 

Ans .   A

Direct Indirect

Q.5 Ram said to me, “I am going to Jaipur.”

(A) Ram told me that he was going to Jaipur.

(B) Ram told me that I was going to Jaipur.

(C) Ram told me that he is going to Jaipur.

(D) Ram told me that he were going to Jaipur.

Ans .  A

Q.6 Mohan Said to her, “You have completed your work.

(A) Mohan told her that She had completed her work.

(B) Mohan told her that She has completed her work.

(C) Mohan told her that She was completed her work.

(D) Mohan told her that She had completed his work.

Ans .  A

Sentence Completions

Q.7 Suganya / sing / better than / Suriya. 

 A. suganya

 B. sing

 C. better than

 D. suriya

Ans .   B

Q.8 Each and every one / was / present / at the / wedding. 

 A. Each and every one

 B. was

 C. present

 D. at the E. wedding

Ans .   B

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English Grammar Question Answers

Q.1 Voracious…..

(A) tenacious

(B) truthful

(C) spacious

(D) ravenous

Answer is option (D)

Q.2 Abortive…..

(A) fruitful

(B) familiar

(C) unsuccessful

(D) consuming

Answer is option (C)

Q.3 Tenacious…..

(A) holding fast

(B) collecting

(C) fast running

(D) intentional

The correct answer is option (A)

Q.4 Terse

(A) brief in speech

(B) beyond fear

(C) without honor

(D) under strain

Answer is option (A)

Q.5 Tentative….

(A) mocking

(B) wry

(C) experimental

(D) prevalent

Answer is option (C)

Q.6 Tenacity…..

(A) ingratitude

(B) decimation

(C) splendor

(D) perseverance

Answer is option (D)

Q.7 Replenish….

(A) reinstale

(B) refill

(C) refuse

(D) polish

Answer is option (B)

Q.8 Relish….

(A) savor

(B) vindicate

(C) avail

(D) desire

Answer is option (C)

Q.9 Repercussion….

(A) resistance

(B) magnificence

(C) acceptance

(D) reaction

Answer is option (D)

Q.10 Repellent….

(A) porous

(B) stiff

(C) elastic

(D) unattractive

Answer is option (D)

Q.11 Phlegmatic….

(A) practical

(B) salivary

(C) dishonest

(D) calm

Answer is option (D)

Q.12 Ponderous….

(A) contemplative

(B) moist

(C) erect

(D) bulky

Answer is option (D)

Q.13 Pinion….

(A) reveal

(B) submit

(C) restrain

(D) express

Answer is option (C)

Q.14 Plagiarism….

(A) theft of funds

(B) theft of ideas

(C) belief in Gods

(D) arson

Answer is option (B)

Q.15 Pinnacle….

(A) pass

(B) taunt

(C) peak

(D) foothills

Answer is option (C)

Q.16 Nascent….

(A) loyal

(B) treacherous

(C) unnamed

(D) incipient

Answer is option (D)

Q.17 Myopic….

(A) moral

(B) glassy

(C) blind

(D) nearsighted

Answer is option (D)

Q.18 Monetary…

(A) fiscal

(B) stationary

(C) scrupulous

(D) boring

Answer is option (A)

Q.19 Mundane….

(A) spatial

(B) heretic

(C) worldly

(D) global

Answer is option (C)

Q.20 Mediocre…..

(A) medieval

(B) industrial

(C) agricultural

(D) average

 Answer is option (D)

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