Gagan Pratap Maths Book and Class Notes PDF Download

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Gagan Pratap Maths Book and Class Notes PDF Download

Hello Students,

Today we are sharing an important pdf in hindi Gagan Pratap Maths Book and Class Notes PDF Download 2022 | गगन प्रताप सर नोट्स : परीक्षार्थियों आप सभी के लिए गगन प्रताप सर द्वारा लिखी गई Maths Notes PDF लेकर आए हैं। जिसे आप बिल्कुल फ्री में डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं। गणित विषय के स्टार गगन सर का यूट्यूब में चैनल है, चैनल का नाम Gagan Pratap Maths है जिस पर 2 मिलियन से अधिक Subscribers हैं। इसके अलावा गगन सर Careerwill App पर भी पढ़ाते हैं।

Gagan Pratap Maths Book and Class Notes PDF Download यदि आप गणित विषय Basic से Advance Level तक बिल्कुल फ्री में पढ़ना चाहते हैं तो आप गगन सर के यूट्यूब चैनल से जुड़ सकते हैं। यदि आप SSC, Bank , Railway, Police, SI, CDS, SSB, CAT या अन्य प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं की तैयारी कर रहे हैं तो नीचे दी गई Books आपके लिए अत्यंत उपयोगी सिद्ध होंगी। Gagan Pratap Math PDF Download करने के लिए नीचे दिए गए स्टेप को फॉलो करें।


अक्सर यह देखा गया है कि काफी सारे परीक्षार्थियों को Advance Maths समझने में थोड़ी दिक्कत होती है, Gagan Pratap Maths Book and Class Notes PDF Download  लेकिन यदि आपको सारे कांसेप्ट समझ में आ गए तो फिर आप एडवांस मैथ को चुटकियों में हल कर लेंगे। आजकल जितनी भी प्रतियोगी परीक्षाएं हो रही हैं उनमें गणित विषय के अंतर्गत Advance Math से काफी ज्यादा प्रश्न पूछे जाते हैं इसलिए इसे समझना बहुत ही जरूरी है। आज हम Gagan Sir Advance Math PDF बिल्कुल फ्री में उपलब्ध करा रहे हैं, जिसे आप Download करके पढ़ सकते हैं।

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      Math Topics

  1. बीजगणित (Algebra )
  2. अनुपात और समानुपात (Ratio and Proportion )
  3. औसत (Average)
  4. प्रतिशत (Percentage )
  5. लाभ और हानि (Profit and Loss)
  6. साधारण ब्याज (Simple Interest)
  7. चक्रवृद्धि ब्याज (Compound Interest)
  8. त्रिभुज (Triangle)
  9. आयत (Rectangle)
  10. वर्ग (Square)
  11. घन (Cube)
  12. बेलन (Cylinder)
  13. शंकु (Cone)
  14. चतुर्भुज (Quadrilateral)
  15. बहुभुज (Polygon)
  16. वृत और अर्द्धवृत (Circle and Semicircle)
  17. त्रिज्याखंड एवं वृत्तखंड (Sector and Segment)
  18. गोला (Sphere)

Maths Book and Class Notes PDF

Q :A man was engaged on a job for 40 days on the condition that he will get a wage of Rs. 180 for the day he works, but he will have to pay a fine of Rs. 20 for each day of his absence. If he gets Rs. 520 at the end of the month, then, he was absent for how many days?

(A) 12 days

(B) 10 days

(C) 6 days

(D) 8 days

(E) 14 days

Correct Answer : B

Q : In a regular week, there are 6 working days and for each day the working hours are 8. A man gets Rs. 40 per hour for regular work and Rs. 45 per hour for overtime. If he earns Rs.10,500 in 5 weeks, then how many hours does he work for?
(A) 220

(B) 240

(C) 260

(D) 210

(E) 280

Correct Answer : C

Q : The ratio of the age of a son and father is 1: 4. After 9 years, the ratio will be 2: 5. What is the present age (in years) of the son?
(A) 10

(B) 8

(C) 9

(D) 12

Correct Answer : C

Gagan Pratap Maths Book and Class Notes

Q : The total income of Ramesh, Suresh and Dinesh is Rs. 17325. Ramesh spend 70%, Suresh spend 75% and Dinesh spend 80% of their income. The ratio of their saving is 6 : 8 : 5. What is the income of Dinesh?
(A) Rs. 4500

(B) Rs. 5625

(C) Rs. 7200

(D) Rs. 4800

(E) None of these

Correct Answer : B

Q : Ram divided his total property between his two sons. The elder son received 70% of the total property. If the elder son donates Rs. 8500 in charity then the total property remained with him will be 20% more than that of younger son. What was the difference between the total property received by the elder son and that by younger son?
(A) Rs. 7500

(B) Rs. 12500

(C) Rs. 15000

(D) Rs. 10000

(E) None of these

Correct Answer : E

Q : In a college Anjana scored 80 marks out of 150 in History and 95 marks out of 120 in English. If she wants to score 70% marks in 3 subjects, find the minimum marks she should score in Geography out of 100.
(A) 70

(B) 55

(C) 76

(D) 85

(E) None of these

Correct Answer : E

Q : Harish started his journey at 18:40 and finished at 22:20. The time taken in completing the journey is—
(A) 3 hours 40 minutes

(B) 3 hours 80 minutes

(C) 4 hours 40 minutes

(D) 3 hours 20 minutes

Correct Answer : A

Q : A constable was 114 meters behind a thief. A constable walks 21 meters and a thief 15 meters in a minute, then in how much time will the constable catch the thief?
(A) 19 minute

(B) 17 minute

(C) 18 minute

(D) 16 minute

Correct Answer : A

Q : 200 meter long train crosses a bridge with the speed of 54 km/hrs. in 30 sec. Find the length of bridge?
(A) 300 m.

(B) 250 m.

(C) 200 m.

(D) 240 m.

Correct Answer : B

Gagan Pratap Maths Book and Class Notes

Q : Two trains starts from place A and B, 450 km apart towards each other. Both trains start simultaneously. A crow sitting on one train start flying at the same time towards the other train and as soon as it reaches the second train, it flies back to the first train and it continues in this manner flying backward and forwards from one train to the other until the train meet. Both train travel at a speed of 45 km / h and the crow flies at 100 km / h total distance covered by the crow will be
(A) 400 km

(B) 360 km

(C) 450 km

(D) 500 km

Correct Answer : D

Q : A sum becomes 5 times of itself in 3 years at compound interest (interest is compounded annually). In how many years will the sum becomes 125 times of itself?
(A) 9

(B) 6

(C) 8

(D) 12

Correct Answer : A

Q : A sum become Rs. 10,650 in 5 years and Rs.11076 in 6 years at simple interest. What is the sum?
(A) Rs.8946

(B) Rs. 8740

(C) Rs. 8520

(D) Rs.8800

Correct Answer : C

Q : A vacuum cleaner was marked at 30% above the cost price and a discount of 24% was given on its marked price. What is the profit/loss percentage?
(A) 4%

(B) 1.2%

(C) 6.25%

(D) 2.5%

Correct Answer : B

Q : An article is sold at a profit of 20% of its cost price. If cost price and selling price reduces by Rs 10 and Rs. 5 respectively, then the percentage profit increased to 30%. Find the cost price?
(A) Rs. 80

(B) Rs. 50

(C) Rs. 75

(D) Rs. 60

Correct Answer : A

Q : In an alloy, the ratio of copper and zinc is 7 : 6. If 1,450 gm. of zinc mixed with in 14 kg 300gm. of an alloy, then the ratio of copper and zinc will be
(A) 26:27

(B) 22: 23

(C) 23:26

(D) 25: 21

Correct Answer : B

Q : A mixture contains milk and water in the ratio 5: 1. On adding 4 litres of water, the ratio of milk and water becomes 5: 2. What is the quantity of milk in the original mixture?
(A) 40 litre

(B) 36 litre

(C) 20 litre

(D) 24 litre

Correct Answer : C

Gagan Pratap Maths Book and Class Notes

Q : The difference between simple interest and compound interest on Rs. 1200 for one year at the rate of 10 percent half-yearly is-
(A) 3

(B) 8.80

(C) 0

(D) 13.20

Correct Answer : A

Q : Find the principal amount, the difference of which compound interest and simple interest for a period of 3 years at the rate of 10% per annum will be Rs 31-
(A) 1500

(B) 1100

(C) 1000

(D) 1200

Correct Answer : C

Q : Two years ago the ratio of the ages of Nishu and Risu was 5 : 7 respectively. Four years hence the ratio of their ages will be 7 : 9 respectively. What is the present age of Risu?
(A) 12 years

(B) 23 years

(C) 16 years

(D) 14 years

Correct Answer : B

Q : There is a difference of 8 years between the ages of Waqar and Naseema. When they were married 30 years ago. So 4 times Waqar’s age was equal to 5 times Nasima’s age. What is the sum of his present age?
(A) 134 Year

(B) 136 Year

(C) 132 Year

(D) 142 Year

Correct Answer : C

Q : A Cistern can be filled by a tap in 4 hours while it can be emptied by another tap in 9 hours. If both the taps are opened simultaneously then after how much time will the cistern get filled?
(A) 6.5 hrs

(B) 7.2 hrs

(C) 2.5 hrs

(D) 3 hrs

Correct Answer : B

Q : Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 3 hours and 5 hours. Then, if all three are open, the tank is filled in 30 hours. Find in how many hours a third pipe will empty the tank?
(A) 4 hours

(B) 2 hours

(C) 8 hours

(D) 6 hours

Correct Answer : B

Q : If the square root of 841 is 29, then 0.00000841 is equal to :
(A) 0.00029

(B) 0.29

(C) 0.029

(D) 0.0029

Correct Answer : D

Q : The sum of the squares of 3 consecutive positive numbers is 365. The sum of the numbers is
(A) 36

(B) 45

(C) 30

(D) 33

Correct Answer : D

Q : A man can swim at the rate of 3 km/hr. in still water. Then, if speed of the stream is 2 km/hr., then in what time he will cover a total distance of 5 km in with the stream and against the stream?
(A) 6 hours

(B) 6.5 hours

(C) 4 hours

(D) 5 hours

Correct Answer : A

Q : A boat running upstream takes 7 hours and 40 minutes to cover a certain distance while it takes 5 hours to cover the same distance downstream. What is the ratio between the speed of the current and speed of the boat respectively?
(A) 13: 4

(B) 17: 4

(C) 19: 4

(D) 4: 19

Correct Answer : D

Q : LCM of two numbers is 2079 and their HCF is 27. If one of the numbers is 189, the other number is
(A) 297

(B) 584

(C) 189

(D) 216

Correct Answer : A

Q : a and b are two whole numbers and c is their HCF, then the LCM of those two numbers is
(A) ab/c

(B) abc

(C) bc

(D) ac/b

Correct Answer : A

Q : If the numerator of a fraction is increased by 250% and the denominator is increased by 400%. The resultant fraction is7/19 . What is the original fraction?
(A) 5/8

(B) 10/19

(C) 18/23

(D) 15/17

Correct Answer : B

Q : Let p, q and r be the fraction such that p<q<r. If r is divided by p, the result is 5/2, which exceeds q by 7/4. If

then what is the value of (r-p)?
(A) 2/3

(B) 1/2

(C) 1/3

(D) 1/6

Correct Answer : B

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Algebra PDF By Gagan Pratap Sir Part- 1 (गगन प्रताप सर बीजगणित) Download
Algebra PDF by Gagan Pratap Sir Part- 2 (गगन प्रताप सर बीजगणित) Download
Height & Distance, Trigonometry by Gagan Pratap Sir (ऊंचाई और दूरी, त्रिकोणमिति गगन प्रताप सर) Download
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Geometry by Gagan Pratap Sir New (गगन प्रताप सर ज्यामिति नई किताब) Download
Menstruation By Gagan Pratap Sir (गगन प्रताप सर मेंसुरेशन) Download
Polygon by Gagan Pratap Sir (गगन प्रताप सर बहुभुज) Download
Cone by Gagan Pratap Sir (गगन प्रताप सर शंकु) Download
Profit & Loss by Gagan Pratap Sir (गगन प्रताप सर लाभ और हानि) Download
Orthocenter By Gagan Pratap Sir (गगन प्रताप सर लंब केंद्र) Download
Cylinder By Gagan Pratap Sir (गगन प्रताप सर बेलन) Download
Circumcenter by Gagan Pratap Sir (गगन प्रताप सर परिकेंद्र) Download
Cricle by Gagan Pratap Sir (गगन प्रताप सर वृत्त) Download
Geometry Triangle by Gagan Pratap Sir (गगन प्रताप सर रेखागणित) Download


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