[PDF] Mother’s Aptitude (Maths) Books by Pawan Rao

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[PDF] Mother’s Aptitude (Maths) Books by Pawan Rao

Hello Students,

Today we are sharing an important pdf in hindi  आज की हमारी यह पोस्ट  [PDF] Mother’s Aptitude (Maths) Books by Pawan Rao बिषय से सन्बन्धित है , इस पोस्ट में हम आपको गणित ( Maths ) बिषय से संबंधित सभी प्रकार की PDF को Download करने की LInk उपलब्ध कराऐंगे ! जिन पर क्लिक करके आप इनको Download कर पाएँगे ! जो कि आपको आने बाले सभी प्रकार के Competitive Exams में काम आयेंगी !अभी हमारे पास Maths बिषय से सन्बन्धित जितनी PDF हैं वो इस पोस्ट मे हम आपको उपलब्ध करा रहे है ! और आगे जितनी भी सामान्य Maths बिषय से सन्बन्धित PDF हमारे पास आयेंगी उनकी लिन्क भी इसी पोस्ट में Add की जायेगी , सो आप सभी से Request है कि आप इस पोस्ट को अपने Browser के BOOKMARK में Save कर लीजिये , और Check करते रहियेगा !

[PDF] Mother’s Aptitude (Maths) Books by Pawan Rao  के अलाबा अन्य सभी बिषयों की PDF से संबंधित पोस्ट भी हमारी इस बेबसाइट पर उपलब्ध हैं, तो आप इस बेबसाइट को Regularly Visit करते रहिये ! कृपया कमेन्ट के माध्यम से जरूर बतायें कि आपको कौन से बिषय पर PDF चाहिये !

[PDF] Mother’s Aptitude (Maths) Books by Pawan Rao दोस्तो आज की इस पोस्ट के माध्यम से हम आपको Maths Study Material की एक PDF को हिंदी में उपलब्ध कराऐंगे ! जो कि आपको सभी तरह की Teacher Eligibility Test की प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं  जैसे CTET , UPTET REET and MPTET आदि के लिये बहुत उपयोगी सिद्द होंगी !

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      Math Questions And Answer

    Trigonometry Maths Questions
Q :(Cos 0°+Sin 45° +Sin 30°)(Sin 90°-Cos 45°+ Cos 60°) is equal to:





Correct Answer : A

Q : ΔPQR is right angled at Q. If cos P = 3/5, then what is the value of cos R?




Correct Answer : C

Q : If sec x + cos x = 2, then the value of sec16 x + cos16 x will be-
(A) 2

(B) 0

(C) 1

(D) √3

Correct Answer : A

Q : Simplify



(A) θ

(B) θ

(C) θ

(D) θ

Correct Answer : D

Q : If Cos A + Cos2 A = 1, then Sin2 A + Sin4 A=?
(A) 0

(B) 1


(D) -1

Correct Answer : B

Q : If cosec θ=1.25 then


(B) 2



Correct Answer : C

Q : One angle of a triangle is 55°. If the other two angles are in the ratio 9:16, find the angles?
(A) 65° और 115°

(B) 90° और 160°

(C) 55°और 165°

(D) 45° और 80°

Correct Answer : D

Q : If a=tanθ + 1 and b=sinθ+cosθ then find (b2-1)a=?
(A) ab

(B) 2bsecθ

(C) 2b

(D) 2bsin θ

Correct Answer : D

Q : If θ

then (tanθ+cosθ)=?




Correct Answer : D

Q : If 1 + sin2 A = 3 sin A cos A, then what are the possible values of tan A?
(A) 1, 0

(B) 1, 1/2

(C) 1 , 1/3

(D) 1, 3

Correct Answer : B

Elementary Mathematics Questions
Q :The average of the marks obtained in an examination by 8 students was 51 and by 9 other students was 68. The average marks of all 17 students was:

(A) 59

(B) 59.5

(C) 60

(D) 60.5

Correct Answer : C

Q : A library has an average number of 510 visitors on Sunday and 240 on other days. The average number of visitors per day in a month of 30 days beginning with Sunday is:
(A) 300

(B) 290

(C) 285

(D) 295

Correct Answer : C

Q : 12 kg of rice costing 30 per kg is mixed with 8 kg of rice costing 40 per kg. The average per kg price of mixed rice is
(A) 35

(B) 34

(C) 38

(D) 37

Correct Answer : B

Q : A can do a piece of work in 10 days and B can do it in 15 days. They work together for 5 days, the rest of the work is finished by C in two more days. If they got ₹ 6000 as wages for the whole work, then find the daily wages of A, B and C.
(A) 600, 400, 500

(B) 400,600 , 800

(C) 400, 500, 600

(D) None of these

Correct Answer : A

Important English Gram

[PDF] Mother’s Aptitude (Maths)

Q : A goldsmith observes that one of his employees prepares a necklace in 9 hours, while another employee prepares it in 10 hours. If they work together, they stud 10 gems less every hour and thus prepare a necklace in 5 hours, then the number of gems studded in each necklace is:
(A) 1200

(B) 1000

(C) 800

(D) 900

Correct Answer : D

Q : P and Q can do a piece of work in 12 days, Q and R can do a piece of work in 15 days and R and P can do a piece of work in 20 days. Q alone can do the whole work in
(A) 25 days

(B) 30 days

(C) 20 days

(D) 24 days

Correct Answer : C

Q : If A:B:C=2:3:4, then the ratio
will be
(A) 8:9:16

(B) 8:9:12

(C) 8:9:24

(D) 4:9:16

Correct Answer : C

Q : If the compound ratio of [(3a + 2b) : 3] and [1 : (3a + b)] is 1 : 2, find the ratio a : b.
(A) 1 : 4

(B) 1 : 6

(C) 1 : 2

(D) 1 : 3

Correct Answer : D

Q : Find the mean proportional between 8 and 98.
(A) 112

(B) 28

(C) 16

(D) 53

Correct Answer : C

Q : The cost price of a book is ₹110 and the selling price is ₹123.20. What percent profit will the bookseller make on selling it?
(A) 11%

(B) 12%

(C) 13%

(D) 14%

Correct Answer : B

Geometry Practice Questions and Answers
Q :
Areas of two similar triangles are 36 cm2 and 100 cm2. If the length of a side of the larger triangle is 20 cm, then the length of the corresponding side of the similar triangle is:

(A) 15 cm

(B) 14 cm

(C) 12 cm

(D) 13 cm

Correct Answer : C

Q : D and E are midpoints of side AB and AC respectively of the ΔABC. A line drawn from A meets BC at H and DE at K. AK : KH = ?
(A) 1 : 1

(B) 1: 2

(C) 2 : 1

(D) 3 : 2

Correct Answer : A

Q : If the base radius of a right circular cylinder is reduced to half and its height remains the same, then the ratio of the volume of new formed cylinder to original cylinder would be:
(A) 1: 2

(B) 1: 1

(C) 2: 1

(D) 1: 2

Correct Answer : B

Q : A piece of wire when bent to form a circle will have a radius of 84 cm. If the wire is bent to form a square, the length of a side of the square is
(A) 152 cm

(B) 132 cm

(C) 168 cm

(D) 225 cm

Correct Answer : B

Q : A solid sphere of diameter 7 cm is cut into two equal halves. What will be the increase (in cm.2) in the total surface area?




Correct Answer : B

Q : The largest and the second largest angles of a triangle are in the ratio of 3 : 2 respectively. The smallest angle is 20% of the sum of the rest two angles. What is the sum of the smallest and the second largest angles?
(A) 80°

(B) 60°

(C) 100°

(D) 90°

Correct Answer : D

Q : If each interior angle is doubled of each exterior angle of a regular polygon with n sides, then the value of n is
(A) 3

(B) 6

(C) 5

(D) 8

Correct Answer : B

Q : ∠A, ∠B, ∠C are three angles of a triangle. If ∠A -∠B =18°, ∠B – ∠C = 45°, then, ∠B, ∠A and ∠C are
(A) 69° ,88° , 24°

(B) 69°, 88°, 23°

(C) 69°, 87°, 24°

(D) 69°, 89°, 22°

Correct Answer : C

Q : In ∆ABC, ∠B is a right angle, AC = 6cm, and D is the mid-point of AC. The length of BD is:
(A) 4 cm

(B) √6 cm

(C) 3 cm

(D) None of these

Correct Answer : C

Q : Each exterior angle of a regular polygon measures 9°. How many sides does the polygon have?
(A) 36

(B) 45

(C) 40

(D) 30

Correct Answer : C

Q : If the perimeter of a rhombus is 80 cm and one of its diagonals is 24 cm, then what is the are (in cm2) of the rhombus?
(A) 218

(B) 192

(C) 384

(D) 768

Correct Answer : C

Q : PAB and PCD are two secants to a circle . If PA 10 cm , AB = 12 cm and PC = 11 cm , then what is the value ( in cm ) of PD ?
(A) 18

(B) 9

(C) 20

(D) 12

Correct Answer : C

Q : In any triangle ABC, AB + BC = 12 cm, BC + CA = 14 cm and CA + AB = 18 cm. What will be length of radius of a circle, if the perimeter of circle is equal to the perimeter of triangle ABC?
(A) 2 cm

(B) 3.5 cm

(C) 1.5 cm

(D) None of these

Correct Answer : B

Q : Triangle PQR is inscribed in a circle such that P, Q and R lies on the circumference . If PQ is the diameter of the circle and ∠PQR = 40 ° , then what is the value ( in degrees ) of ∠QPR ?
(A) 40

(B) 45

(C) 50

(D) 55

Correct Answer : C

Q : In the given figure, SX is tangent. SX = OX = OR. If QX=3 cm and PQ = 9 cm. then what is the value (in cm) of OS?

(A) 6

(B) 5

(C) 4

(D) 3

Correct Answer : D

Q : A circle with radius 42 cm is drawn. What will be length of arc of a sector subtending an angle of 60 degrees at the Centre?
(A) 44 cm

(B) 22 cm

(C) 66 cm

(D) 88 cm

Correct Answer : A

Q : In the given figure ABC is an equilateral triangle. Two circles of radius 4 cm and 12 cm are inscribed in the triangle. What is the side (in cm) of an equilateral triangle?



(C) 24


Correct Answer : D

Q : The area of a rhombus is 144 square units. The length of one of its diagonals is twice the length of other diagonal. What is the sum of length of its diagonals?
(A) 12 units

(B) 18 units

(C) 24 units

(D) 36 units

Correct Answer : D

Q : If the area of a circle is 9π sq.cm then it circumference is
(A) 9 cm

(B) 6 π cm

(C) 3π cm

(D) 6 cm

Correct Answer : B

Q : What is the measure of the circum radius of a triangle whose sides are 9cm, 40cm and 41cm?
(A) 6 cm

(B) 4 cm

(C) 20.5 cm

(D) 24.5 cm

Correct Answer : C

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