Seating Arrangement Questions and Answers

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Seating Arrangement Questions and Answers

Hello Students,

Seating Arrangement Questions PDF | Reasoning Sitting Problems PDF: Dear Aspirants, Seating Arrangement is one of the well-known topics for all competitive exams. Aspirants must have to expertize their selves in this seating arrangement reasoning to crack any kind of exams like bank, insurance, SSC, Railway, and so on. So, aspirants, those who are preparing for any sort of exams should have to prepare on this seating arrangement questions deeply. Candidates those who have well known in this sitting arrangement questions, they can score 5 to 10 marks in their exams for sure.

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Problems on seating arrangement are differentiated into many types they are:

  • Circle Seating Arrangement
  • Square Seating Arrangement
  • Rectangle Seating Arrangement
  • Triangle Seating Arrangement
  • LINEAR Seating Arrangement
  • Parallel rows Seating Arrangement
  • A certain number of people CIRCLE
  • A certain number of people LINEAR
  • 3 row parallel
  • Linear arrangements with meaningful words

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Seating Arrangement Questions

Directions (Q1 – Q5): Read the information given below and answer the following questions:

A total of 10 people, 5 men and 5 women are sitting in two parallel lines, facing each other. Five men, namely, Ajit, Bharat, Chirag, Dharam and Ejaz are facing to the south and the five women, Meenal, Neelu, Octavia, Preeti and Arpita are facing towards the north.

  • Bharat, who is just next to the left of Dharam, is opposite to Arpita.
  • Chirag and Neelu are diagonally opposite to each other.
  • Ejaz is opposite Octavia who is just next to Meenal.
  • Preeti, who is just to the left of Arpita, is opposite to Dharam.
  • Meenal is at one end of the line

Q 1. Which two people are sitting at the two extreme ends of the line?

  1. Ejaz, Bharat
  2. Ajit, Chirag
  3. Chirag, Dharam
  4. Dharam, Bharat
  5. None of the Above

Q 2. Who is sitting right in front of Dharam?

  1. Neelu
  2. Meenal
  3. Octavia
  4. Preeti
  5. Arpita

Q 3. Who sits exactly in between Meenal and Neelu?

  1. Preeti
  2. Octavia
  3. Arpita
  4. Ejaz
  5. Cannot Be Determined

Q 4. Who sits opposite to Octavia?

  1. Chirag
  2. Ejaz
  3. Dharam
  4. Bharat
  5. Ajit

Q 5. Who is sitting at the right corner of the women’s line?

  1. Meenal
  2. Octavia
  3. Arpita
  4. Preeti
  5. Neelu

Directions (Q6 – Q10): Read the information given below and answer the questions following it:

In a Coaching Institute, seven students (both girls and boys) sit on three different benches, Bench@, Bench * and Bench #

  • Each bench must have atleast two students sitting on it
  • Atleast one girl must be sitting on each bench
  • X, who is a girl, does not sit with Y, Z and T. 
  • S is a boy student and sits only with M. 
  • Y sits on the Bench @ with his best friends. 
  • H sits on Bench #. Z is the brother of X.

Q 6. Which of the following pair of students form the correct set of students sitting on the bench *

  1. Y, Z
  2. T, X
  3. M, X
  4. M, S
  5. T, S

Q 7. H sits on Bench # along with _______

  1. M
  2. S
  3. X
  4. T
  5. Y

Q 8. Which of the given sets represents the students sitting on Bench @?

  1. H, X
  2. M, S
  3. Y, X
  4. Z, T
  5. S, T

Q 9.  Of the three benched @, * and #, which bench has 3 students sitting on it?

  1. @
  2. #
  3. *
  4. None of the Above
  5. Cannot be Determined

Q 10. M sits along with S on which bench?

  1. #
  2. *
  3. @
  4. None of the above
  5. Cannot be determined

Directions (Q11 – Q15): Read the data given below and based on it answer the following questions:

Six girls, Pooja, Qimat, Reeti, Shweta, Tejaswini and Vineeta are sitting around a circular table.

  • All of them are facing towards the centre of the circle.
  • Tejaswini is not sitting between Qimat and Shweta but someone else from the group
  • Pooja sits to the left of Vineeta
  • Reeti is fourth to the right of Pooja.

Q 11. Who sits second to right on Vineeta?

  1. Reeti
  2. Pooja
  3. Shweta
  4. Qimat
  5. Either option ‘3’ or ‘4’

Q 12. Who is sitting opposite Reeti?

  1. Shweta
  2. Vineeta
  3. Pooja
  4. Tejaswini
  5. Qimat

Q 13. Who sits second to the right of Pooja?

  1. Vineeta
  2. Shweta
  3. Reeti
  4. Tejaswini
  5. Qimat

Q 14. Who sits exactly between Shweta and Qimat?

  1. Tejaswini
  2. Vineeta
  3. Pooja
  4. Reeti
  5. None of the Above

Q 15. Who sits second to the left of Pooja?

  1. Reeti
  2. Vineeta
  3. Shweta
  4. Pooja
  5. Tejaswini

Directions (Q16 – Q21): Study the data given below and answer the questions following it:

In an exhibition seven brands have put up their stalls

  • Each of these stalls are facing east
  • The seven brands which have put up a stall include: Titan, Biba, Landmark, Adidas, Puma, Zara and Reebok
  • Titan is next to the right of Reebok
  • Reebok is fourth to the right of Landmark
  • Adidas is between Biba and Zara
  • Landmark which is third to the left of Biba, is at one end.

Q 16. Which of the given pairs is correct for the brands displayed at the two ends of the line?

  1. Landmark, Zara
  2. Titan, Zara
  3. Landmark, Puma
  4. Puma, Reebok
  5. Reebok, Landmark

Q 17. Which brand is displayed on the immediate right of Titan?

  1. Puma
  2. Reebok
  3. Adidas
  4. Zara
  5. Biba

Q 18. Zara is to the immediate left of _______

  1. Biba
  2. Landmark
  3. Adidas
  4. Puma
  5. Reebok

Q 19. Which brand is being displayed exactly in between Biba and Titan?

  1. Reebok
  2. Landmark
  3. Puma
  4. Zara
  5. Adidas

Q 20. Which brand is being displayed towards the immediate right of Titan?

  1. Adidas
  2. Cannot be Determined
  3. Biba
  4. Puma
  5. Reebok

Q 21. Puma has put up a stall to the immediate right of which brand?

  1. Titan
  2. Zara
  3. Reebok
  4. Puma
  5. Landmark

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