Vajiram And Ravi Handwritten Notes 2021-2022 PDF Download

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Vajiram And Ravi Handwritten Notes 2021-2022

Vajiram And Ravi Handwritten Notes 2022 PDF for Upsc: Hello my dear friends, This post is all about Vajiram and ravi Handwritten Notes Free Download for upsc pdf of ncert notes for upsc will help you to boost your score in SSC Exams. However, This Vajiram And Ravi Handout Notes 2021-2022 Download is very important to Crack SSC CGLCHSL (10+2) and CPO Sub Inspector (SI) Exams. Also this Public Administration Vajiram and Ravi Handwritten Notes For UPSC Download PDF will be helpful for SSC Junior Engineer (JE)Stenographer and SSC JHT.

This article on Vajiram And Ravi Notes PDF 2022 is prepared for SSC Examinations. Vajiram and Ravi Notes Pdf  pdf UPSC Pdf notes is very important to crack SSC Competitive exams. Best Vajiram And Ravi Notes PDF Download 2022 for upsc pdf Notes designed according to SSC Latest Syllabus.

Vajiram and Ravi Handwritten Complete Class Notes : Staff Selection Commission released the SSC Exam calendar so download indian polity notes pdf ebook and start your preparation. You can find many vajiram and ravi study material for the SSC Exams Preparation but choosing the best indian polity notes pdf for upsc one is the big task. We at provide the best upsc notes pdf study material for all SSC Exams.

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Indian Constitution Multiple Choice Questions – Indian Constitutional Law

1. Before the independence of India, Dadra and nagar haveli were under the administrative control of ?
A. English
B. French
C. Portuguese
D. Afgans

2. Who among the following was the first chief Justice of India and assumed office on 26th Jan. 1950 ?
A. Meher Chand mahajan
B. Patanjali sastri
C. Harilal Kania
D. BK Mukherjea

3. Which Constitutional Article lays down the provision for a National Commission for SC and ST ?
(A) Article 337
(B) Article 334
(C) Article 338
(D) Article 339

4. Which community gets special provision for Central Services in Article 336 ?
(A) Sikh Community
(B) Muslim Community
(C) Hindu Community
(D) Anglo-Indian Community

5. National Commission for SC and ST shall be made by which constitutional institution ?
(A) Parliament
(B) Executive
(C) Judiciary
(D) State Legislature

6. Under Constitutional Article 343, which is the official language of the Union ?
(A) Urdu
(B) Hindi
(C) English
(D) b & c

7. Which Constitutional Article defines the Panchayat Raj ?
(A) 243O
(B) 243A
(C) 243
(D) 243I

8. Which Constitutional Article define `Municipalities’ ?
(A) Article 243P
(B) Article 243Q
(C) Article 243T
(D) Article 343U

9. The Constitution of India, was drafted and enacted in which language ?
(A) Hindi
(B) English
(C) Tamil
(D) Telugu


10. Total No. of Schedule in Constitution of India is :
A. 22
B. 17
C. 97
D. 12

11. Constitution of India was enacted by the Constituent Assembly on:
A. 26 January 1950
B. 26 Nov. 1949
C. 20 Nov. 1950
D. 20 January 1949

12. Constitution of India came into effect on:
A. 26 January 1950
B. 26 Nov. 1949
C. 20 Nov. 1950
D. 20 January 1949

13. The Constitution declares India to be a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic, assuring its citizens of justice, equality, and liberty, and endeavours to promote fraternity among them. The words “socialist” and “secular” were added to the definition in year:
A. 1956
B. 1976
C. 1970
D. 1952

14. Total No. of six fundamental rights in Constitution of India is:
A. 12
B. 5
C. 6
D. 8

15. Indian Independence Act, passed by the British Parliament on:
A. 18 July 1947
B. 20 July 1947
C. 14 August 1947
D. 20 July 1946


16. Who represented Parsis Community in Constituent Assembly:
A. HP Modi
B. Frank Anthony
C. Kanaiyalal Munshi
D. James Franklin

17. Who represented Parsis Community in Constituent Assembly:
A. HP Modi
B. Frank Anthony
C. Harendra Coomar Mookerjee
D. Benegal Narsing Rau

18. For the members of parliament in India, who determines the salaries and allowances from time to time ?
A. Union cabinet
B. Ministry of Parliament Affairs
C. Cabinet secretariat
D. Parliament by law

19. Who was the prime Minister of India when a Constitutional status for the Panchayati raj and urban self- governing institutions was accorded ?
A. Indira Gandhi
B. Rajeev Gandhi
C. PV Rarasimha Rao
D. Atal Bihari Vaipayee

20. In India when both Offices of President and Vice-President happen to be vacant simultaneously who will discharge the duties of the President ?
A. Prime Minister
B. Union Home Minister
C. Speaker of Lok sabha
D. Chief Justice of India

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SSC Exams Latest News and Updates Quantitative Aptitude (Maths)
Current Affairs Reasoning and
General Intelligence
English Grammar and Comprehension General Knowledge (GK)
SSC CHSL (10+2) Exam Stenographer Group C and D

General Knowledge Questions with Answers

1.‘Theyyam’ or ‘Kaliyattam’ is a ritual dance performed in which state/UT?

[A] Karnataka
[B] Kerala
[C] Andhra Pradesh
[D] West Bengal

Correct Answer: B [Kerala]
‘Theyyam’ or ‘Kaliyattam’ is a 800-year-old ritual dance performed in the state of Kerala. It exhibits folk dances and art thereby displaying the ancient tribal cultures
Various types of theyyams are performed during the course of the festival. Ritual dance Agni Kandakarnan Theyyam has begun at the Kaliyattam festival in Kannur, Kerala.


2.What is the objective of the ‘Jan Aushadhi Bal Mitra programme’?

[A] Educate Children on PMBJP
[B] Provide subsidised medicines to children
[C] Provide subsidised medicines to pregnant women
[D] Promote Investment in PMBJP

Correct Answer: A [Educate Children on PMBJP]
On the occasion of Jan Aushadhi Diwas week celebrations, Jan Aushadhi Bal Mitra programme has been conducted across the country at 75 locations.
It aims to engage children as ‘Bal Mitras’ with Jan Aushadhi scheme to educate them about the benefits of the PM Bharatiya Jan Aushadi Pariyojana.


3.Which Union Ministry has constituted ‘Swadesh Darshan Awards’?

[A] Ministry of External Affairs
[B] Ministry of Tourism
[C] Ministry of Culture
[D] Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

Correct Answer: B [Ministry of Tourism]
Ministry of Tourism has constituted Swadesh Darshan Awards, to acknowledge the efforts of states/ UTs.
Under ‘Swadesh Darshan’ scheme, tourism related infrastructure has been developed at more than 500 tourist destinations. The Ministry has sanctioned 76 projects in 31 States / UTs of India for more than Rs.5500 Crore.4.‘Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant’, which was seen in the news recently, is located in which country?

[A] Russia
[B] Ukraine
[C] Afghanistan
[D] Belarus

Correct Answer: B [Ukraine]
Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant is a major electricity supplier in Ukraine. The plant generates 40-42 billion kWh which accounts for one fifth of the average annual electricity production in Ukraine.
Recently, Ukraine has claimed that Russian military has seized the plant and started shelling. It is also the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.


5.As per a recent report, what is the contribution of YouTube creator system to Indian GDP in 2020?

[A] Rs 1700 Crores
[B] Rs 3400 Crores
[C] Rs 6800 Crores
[D] Rs 8500 Crores

Correct Answer: C [Rs 6800 Crores]
As per a new report by independent consulting firm Oxford Economics, YouTube’s creator ecosystem contributed Rs 6,800 crore to the Indian GDP.
YouTube supported 683,900 full-time equivalent jobs in India in 2020. It also said that the number of channels on YouTube in India with over 100,000 subscribers at 40,000.The creator’s presence on the platform can help them explore multiple revenue streams through brand partnerships, live performance and more.

6. Name a game that is associated with China Cup?

Ans. Gymnastics

7. What is the full form of ISRO?

Ans. Indian Space Research Organisation

8. What do you mean by Baklava?

Ans. It is a dessert made of thin pastry, nuts, and honey.

9. Name the richest person (2021) in India?

Ans. Mukesh Ambani

10. From where did the Tapi river originate?

Ans.  Satpura Ranges

11. Port Louis is the capital of which country?

Ans. Mauritius

12. Name 5 countries situated in the Pacific Ring of Fire?

Ans. The Pacific Ring of Fire stretches across various countries including Indonesia, New Zealand, Papa New Guinea, Philippines, Japan, United States, Chile, Canada, Guatemala, Russia, Peru, etc.

13. What is the Ring of Fire?

Ans. Ring of Fire is also known as the Circum-Pacific Belt. It is a path along the Pacific Ocean which is characterised by active volcanoes and frequent earthquakes. The majority of the Earth’s volcanoes and earthquakes take place along the Ring of Fire.

14. Which bank is known as the bankers’ bank of India?

Ans The Reserve Bank of India

15. Name the largest flower in the world?

Ans. Rafflesia arnoldii

16. Name the smallest perfect number?

Ans. 6

17. Who has written Humayun Nama?

Ans. Gulbadan Begum

18. In which states of India, the famous ‘Hornbill festival’ is celebrated?

Ans. Nagaland

19. What is the greenhouse effect?

Ans. It is a process that occurs when gases in the atmosphere of the Earth trap the heat of the Sun. This process makes Earth much warmer than it would be without an atmosphere.

20. Is Sun responsible for causing global warming?

Ans. No Sun is not responsible for causing global warming. The Sun can influence Earth’s climate, but it is not responsible for the warming trend that we have seen over recent decades.

21. Name the state that has the longest coastline in India?

Ans. Gujarat

22. What does COVID-19 mean?

Ans. COVID-19 is the acronym for the full name coronavirus disease of 2019.

23. What is the national sport of Hungary?

Ans. Water Polo is the national game of Hungary.

24. Name a bar graph that shows data in intervals?

Ans. Histogram

25. Name an oilseed that is used in the manufacturing of paints?

Ans. Linseed oil

GK Quiz

1. Who among the following translated Baburnama from Chagatai to Persian?
A. Humayun
B. Akbar
C. Abul Fazl
D. Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana
Ans. D

2. Which of the following microbe carries malaria?
A. Butterfly
B. Female Anopheles Mosquito
C. Protists
D. None of the above
Ans. B

3. Vilnius is the capital of which country?
A. Libya
B. Lithuania
C. Luxemburg
D. Lebanon
Ans. B

4. Jaldapara National Park is situated in which of the following state of India?
A. Tamil Nadu
B. Chhattisgarh
C. West Bengal
D. Ladakh
Ans. C

5. Who of the following invented Facebook?
A. Mark Zuckerberg
B. Benjamin Franklin
C. Robert Fulton
D. None of the above
Ans. A

6. What do you mean by Silviculture?
A. It is a science of growing silkworms.
B. It is a science of rearing sheep.
C. It is a science of forest farming.
D. It is a science of bee rearing.
Ans. C

7. Which of the following is the national sport of Japan?
A. Cricket
B. Sumo wrestling
C. Basketball
D. Football
Ans. B

8. Which of the following is called wood alcohol?
A. Ethyl
B. Butanol
C. Methanol
D. Propyl
Ans. C

9. In which of the following country the first compass invented?
A. China
B. Japan
C. Egypt
D. Belarus
Ans. A

10. Who of the following is known as the ‘Frontier Gandhi’?
A. Bhagat Singh
B. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
C. Khudiram Bose
D. Ram Prasad Bismil
Ans. B

11. Who is known as the ‘Saint of the Gutters’?
A. Mother Teressa
B. St. Frances Xavier Cabrini
C. St. Cyprian
D. St. Margaret Clitherow
Ans. A

12. Which of the following Mughal emperor is known as Zinda Pir?
A. Akbar
B. Humayun
C. Aurangzeb
D. Shah Jahan
Ans. C

13. What is the full form of AIDS?
A. Ace Diet Immunity Syndrome
B. Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome
C. Act Immunity disease Syndrome
D. None of the above
Ans. B

14. Which of the following is known as the suicidal bag of the cell?
A. Golgi apparatus
B. Lysosomes
C. Ribosomes
D. Mitochondria
Ans. B

15. Which of the following are the defects of vision?
A. Myopia
B. Hypermetropia
C. Presbyopia
D. All the above
Ans. D

GK Quiz for Class 8: Fill in the Blanks

1Bishnupur is famous for terracotta temples and is located in ………. state of India.

Ans. West Bengal

2. …………. is known as the powerhouse of the cell.

Ans. Mitochondria

3. ……… was the first female Indian Astronaut.

Ans. Kalpana Chawla

4. Durand Cup is associated with …………. sport.

Ans. Football

5. …….. is the unit of Pressure.

Ans. Pascal

6. ……… mineral is known as Horn Silver.

Ans. Silver Chloride

7. ……… is known as the Nightingale of India.

Ans. Sarojini Naidu

8. ……….. canal gets water from Sutlej and Beas rivers in India.
Ans. Indira Gandhi Canal

9. ……… is the only number that cannot be used as a divisor.

Ans. 0 (Zero)

10. …………….. abolished ‘Sati Pratha’ in India.

Ans. Governor-General Lord William Bentinck

11. World Health Organisation is situated at…………………

Ans. Geneva, Switzerland

12. ……… is the smallest bird.
Ans. Hummingbird

13. ………. is the highest dam in India.
Ans. Tehri Dam

14. ………. was India’s first Deputy Prime Minister.
Ans. Vallabhbhai Patel

15. ………. is the common preservative used in pickles and jam.
Ans. Sodium Benzoate

16. The battle of Buxar fought in ………
Ans. 1764

17. …….. has taken the first step on Moon.
Ans.  Neil Armstrong

18. ……. is known as the Father of Mathematics.
Ans. Archimedes

19. ………. was India’s first President.
Ans. Dr. Rajendra Prasad

20. ……… metal is the lightest metal in the world.
Ans. Lithium.

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