Idioms And Phrases With Hindi Meaning PDF

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Idioms And Phrases With Hindi Meaning PDF

Idioms and phrases are an essential part of any language, and they play a crucial role in communication. They are used to express ideas, emotions, and feelings in a concise and effective manner. In competitive exams, such as SSC, UPSC, and other state-level exams, questions related to idioms and phrases are commonly asked.

The importance of idioms and phrases in these exams lies in the fact that they test a candidate’s understanding of the language and their ability to use it effectively. Questions related to idioms and phrases can be of various types, such as matching, fill in the blanks, and choosing the correct meaning of a phrase from the given options.

Studying idioms and phrases also helps in improving one’s vocabulary and comprehension skills. It enhances the ability to understand the context of a sentence and interpret it correctly. Moreover, using idioms and phrases in one’s writing and speaking can make communication more effective and engaging.

Having a good grasp of idioms and phrases is crucial for candidates aspiring to crack competitive exams. It is advisable to refer to Idioms and Phrases PDFs, which are easily available online, to prepare for such exams. These PDFs provide a comprehensive list of idioms and phrases, along with their meanings, usage, and examples. By going through these PDFs, candidates can gain a better understanding of idioms and phrases and improve their chances of scoring well in the exams.

Important Idioms and Phrases Questions

Q :  Direction: In question four alternatives are given for the Idiom/Phrase under in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the Idiom/Phrase and mark it is the Answer Sheet.

His investments helped him make a killing in the stock market. 

(A) murder someone quickly

(B) make money quickly

(C) lose money quickly

(D) plan a murder quickly

Answer : B

Q :  His speech has taken the wind out of my sails.

(A) made me think of the future

(B) made me remember my past

(C) made my words or actions ineffective

(D) made me depressed

Answer : C


Q :  The secretary had the information at her fingertips. 

(A) in the compact disc

(B) not accessible

(C) on her typewriter

(D) readily available

Answer : D


Q :  On the issue of marriage. Sarita put her foot down. 

(A) got down

(B) walked fast

(C) stood up

(D) was firm

Answer : D

Q :  The minister assured the agitating employees that he would look into their demands sympathetically. 

(A) grant

(B) examine

(C) discuss

(D) watch

Answer : B

Q :  She keeps blowing hot and cold and therefore, nobody can befriend her for long. 

(A) being unfriendly and critical

(B) being good and bad alternately

(C) being friendly at one moment and unfriendly the next

(D) trying to cool the situation down and then raking it up again

Answer : D

Q :  The police looked all over for him but drew a blank. 

(A) arrested him

(B) took him to court

(C) did not find him

(D) put him in prison

Answer : C


Q :  The cops were on their toes throughout the day, 

(A) harried

(B) quick

(C) eager

(D) alert

Answer : D


Q :  In spite of his recent financial troubles. Ashok has not learnt to cut his coat according to his cloth. (A) improve his tailoring abilities

(B) live within his income

(C) overcome his problems

(D) wear modest clothes

 Answer : B

Q :  Ram is very calculative and always has an axe to grind. 

(A) has a private agend

(B) fails to

(D) works for both sides

 Answer: A

Idiom And Phrases in Hindi PDF Details:-

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