Neetu Singh English Book PDF Free Download

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Neetu Singh English Book PDF Free Download

We all know that English Book is the most important for all types of exams so in this article on [ 2022 Edition] Neetu singh english book pdf Download (KD,plinth) in Hindi is prepared for your exams. This Neetu Singh English Book PDF Volume 1 & 2 download free is very important to all competitive exams like SSC, UPSC, RRB, NTPC, and many others exams. This Neetu Singh English Book PDF Download, KD Campus English Book PDF designed according to all exam’s Latest Syllabus.

Neetu Singh Volume 1 PDF English Book Free Download: Staff Selection Commission released the SSC Exam calendar and all are exams started in a few months so download Neetu Singh Volume 1 Book PDF English Book Free Download ebook and start your preparation. You can find many Neetu Singh English Book PDFs for Free Download study materials for the SSC Exams Preparation but choosing the best lucent English grammar books in Hindi pdf one is the big task. We at provide the best english grammar pdf download in hindi study material for all SSC Exams.

Neetu Singh English Book volume 1 pdf free download: Hello my dear friends, This post is all about the English grammar book pdf in Hindi free download, This Neetu Singh English book new edition PDF of learning English grammar step by step in Hindi pdf will help you to boost your score in SSC Exams. However, This Neetu Singh English book volume 1 pdf, KD campus is very important to Crack SSC CGL, CHSL (10+2), and CPO Sub Inspector (SI) Exams. Also this इंग्लिश ग्रामर हिंदी में पढ़े will be helpful for SSC Junior Engineer (JE), Stenographer and SSC JHT.

Neetu Singh English Book PDF Question Answers

1. He passed himself off as a noble man.

1. Pretended to be

2. Was looked upon

3. Was regarded as

4. Was thought to be

Ans. 1

2. Since he knew what would happen, he should be left to stew in his own juice.

1. Make a stew

2. Boil

3. Suffer for his own act

4. Suffer in his own juice

Ans. 3

3. In the organised society of today no individual or nation can plough a lonely furrow.

1. remain unaffected

2. do without the help of others

3. survive in isolation

4. remain non-aligned

Ans. 2

4. Do no trust a man who blows his own trumpet.

1. flatters

2. praises others

3. praises himself

4. admonishes others

Ans. 3

5. This matter has been hanging fire for the last many months and must therefore be decided one way or the other.

1. hotly debated

2. going on slowly

3. stuck up

4. ignored

Ans. 2

6. I am afraid he is burning the candle at both ends and ruining his life.

1. wasting his money

2. becoming overgenerous

3. losing his objectives

4. overtaxing his energies

Ans. 4

7. It was he who put a spoke in my wheel.

1. tried to cause an accident

2. helped in the execution of the plan

3. destroyed the plan

4. thwarted in the execution of the plan

Ans. 4

8. I did not mind what he was saying, he was only through his hat.

1. talking nonsense

2. talking ignorantly

3. talking irresponsibly

4. talking insultingly

Ans. 1

9. Sobhraj could be easily arrested because the police were tipped off in a advance.

1. Toppled over

2. Bribed

3. Given advance information

4. Threatened

Ans. 3

10. He is out and out a reactionary.

1. thoroughly

2. no more

3. in favour of

4. deadly against

Ans. 1

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Neetu Singh English Book PDF Question Answers 

1. Abandon: desert, forsake, jilt, leave, evacuate, quilt, vacate, abdicate, renounce

2. Abduct: kidnap, run away with, seize, and snatch.

3. Abet: aid, assist, back, condone, help, promote, sanction, support, sustain, uphold.

4. Abeyance: adjournment, deferral, discontinuation, inactivity, intermission, postponement, recess.

5. Abide: accept, bear, brook, endure, dwell, linger, live, lodge, reside, sojourn, and persist.

6. Ability: adeptness, aptitude, capability, capacity, competence, dexterity, endowment, expertise.

7. Ablaze: afire, aflame, alight, blazing, burning, fiery, flaming, aglow, brilliant, flashing, gleaming, illuminated, radiant, sparkling.

8. Abstain: avoid, decline, deny, desist, renounce, refrain, withhold, forgo.

9. Abundance: affluence, ampleness, bounty, copiousness, exuberance, profusion, fortune, wealth.

10. Abysmal: bottomless, boundless, complete, deep, extreme, incalculable, profound, and vast.            11. Accede: accept, admit, agree, comply, concede, concur, consent, endorse, assume, attain.

12. Access: admission, admittance, approach, avenue, course, entering, outburst, paroxysm.

13. Acclaim: applaud, approve, celebrate, eulogize, exalt, hail, praise, salute, and clapping.

14. Accompany: attend, chaperon, conduct, convoy, squire, usher, supplement.

15. Accord: agree, assent, concur, conform, harmonize, bestow, concede, endow, render, vouchsafe.

16. Accuse: allege, blame, cite, denounce, impeach, incriminate,

17. Accustom: acclimatize, acquaint, adapt, discipline, familiarize, habituate, inure.

18. Acquaint: advice, announce, apprise, disclose, enlighten, notify, reveal, and tell.

19. Acrid: caustic, harsh, irritating, pungent, stinging, acrimonious, mordant, nasty, sarcastic, trenchant, and vitriolic.

20. Acrimony: bitterness, harshness, churlishness, peevishness, rancor, spleen, tartness, virulence.

21. Adamant: determined, firm, immovable, inexorable, intransigent, obdurate, resolute, stubborn,           unrelenting, flinty, steely, and stony.

22. Adept: adroit, dexterous, masterful, proficient versed, expert, genius.

23. Adequate: capable, commensurate, com-patent, requisite, tolerable, and sufficient.

24. Adhere: cleave, cling, faster, obey, observe, respect.

25. Adieu: conge, goodbye, valediction.

26. Adjourned: defer, delay, discontinue, prorogue.

27. Admirable: commendable, excellent, exquisite, wonderful, worthy.

28. Admirer: bean, lever, wooer, devotee, enthusiast, votary.

29. Adrift: drifting, unanchored, aimless, amiss, and astray.

30. Adroit: clever, cunning, deft, dexterous, ingenious, nimble, proficient, quick-witted, and abl

31. Audacious: courageous, daring, dauntless, intrepid, rash.

32. Austere: exacting, forbidding, grave, grim, harsh, rigorous, severe, solemn, steer, stringent.

33. Averse: antipathetic, disinclined, hostile, inimical, loath, reluctant, and unwilling.

34. Avid: ardent, eager, fanatical, ferret, passionate, zealous, avaricious, covetous, and insatiable.

(Start From C)

41. Catastrophe: affliction, adversity, cataclysm, devastation, disaster, fiasco, culmination.

42. Chaos: anarchy, bedlam, confusion, disorganization, entropy, tumult, lawlessness.

43. Chastity: celibacy, continence, innocence, modesty, purity.

44. Clan: band, brotherhood, fraternity, gen.

45. Clinch: assure, conclude, confirm, determine, secure.

46. Colloquial: conversational, demotic, every day, familiar, idiomatic, informal, vernacular.

47. Commotion: ado, agitation, bustle, disorder, disturbance, excitement.

48. Complicate: confuse, entangle, involve, muddle.

49. Contour: curve, figure, lines, profile, relief.

50. Creditable: admirable, commendable, deserving, estimable, honorable, and laudable.

51. Crest: apex, zenith, pinnacle, summit, ridge.

52. Culminate: climax, close, conclude, finish.

53. Cynical: sarcastic, scornful, sneering, and distrustful.

                                                         (Start from D)

54. Daunt: dismay, alarm, appall, frighten, intimidate, scare, subdue, terrify.

55. Deed: achievement, act, action, exploit, feat.

56. Deflate: collapse, contract, empty, exhaust, shrink, chasten.

57. Deliberate: cogitate, consult, debate, mediate, ponder, and reflect.

58. Diligent: active, attentive, busy, careful, and constant.

59. Dire: alarming, appalling, awful, catastrophic, cruel, and disastrous.

60. Discreet: careful, cautious, circumspect, diplomatic, judicious, politic, and prudent.

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