Black Book of English Vocabulary Free PDF 2023 Download

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Black Book of English Vocabulary Free PDF 2023 Download

The Black Book of English Vocabulary is a popular resource for improving vocabulary skills, particularly for competitive exams such as the GRE, SAT, and ACT. The book provides a comprehensive list of words with definitions, example sentences, and synonyms.

Using the Black Book of English Vocabulary can be important for exam preparation because having a strong vocabulary is often a key factor in achieving a high score on these exams. In addition, many questions on these exams require understanding of complex vocabulary words in context.

The book can be particularly useful for those who are not native speakers of English or who have not been exposed to a wide range of academic or formal language. The Black Book can help students expand their vocabulary and improve their ability to comprehend and use high-level English vocabulary.

It is important to note, however, that while the Black Book of English Vocabulary can be a useful resource for exam preparation, it should not be the sole source of vocabulary learning. It is recommended that students supplement their study with other resources and practice using new words in context to truly master their vocabulary skills.

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 Black Book of English Vocabulary Question Answers:-

1. I live in Amsterdam.

1. In

2. Live

3. Amsterdam

4. I

Answer: Amsterdam


2. I visited the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

1. The

2. Paris

3. Eiffel Tower and Paris

4. Eiffel Tower

Answer: Eiffel Tower and Paris

3. Bhutan is a beautiful country.

1. A

2. Country

3. Beautiful

4. Bhutan

Answer: Bhutan

4. Summer is very hot.

1. Summer

2. Very

3. Hot

4. Is

Answer: Summer

5. The moon looks so beautiful.

1. Looks

2. Moon

3. The

4. Beautiful

Answer: Moon


6. The doctor is an expert in his field.

1. His

2. Expert

3. Field

4. Doctor

Answer: Doctor


7. The mailman Mr. Joe was carrying postcards.

1. Mailman

2. Mr.Joe

3. Postcards

4. Mailman, Mr. Joe and postcards

Answer: Mailman, Mr. Joe and postcards


8. Are these mangoes tasty?

1. Tasty

2. Are

3. These

4. Mangoes

Answer: Mangoes


9. Hello Sophie! Will you play football with us as the climate is beautiful and the team is one player short?

1. Football

2. Sophie, football, climate, team, player

3. Team

4. Climate

Answer: Sophie, football, climate, team, player


10. Mike’s birthday party at the Sheraton was a success.

1. Sheraton

2. Mike

3. Mike, party, Sheraton

4. Party

Answer: Mike, party, Sheraton


Questions On Pronoun

A pronoun is a word used in the place of a noun in any sentence. These are used to avoid the repetitive usage of a noun in a sentence.

Example: Roger runs very fast. And Roger has won several competitions.

Roger runs very fast. And he has won several competitions.

Identify the pronoun in the following sentences:

11. They were having dinner.

1. Dinner

2. They

3. Were

4. Having

 Answer: They

 12. I want to sleep. 

1. To

2. Sleep

3. I

4. Want

Answer: I


13. Is that my laptop? 

1. My

2. Laptop

3. Is

4. That

Answer: My


14. Everyone is sleeping in the dorm room.

1. Sleeping

2. Dorm

3. Room

4. Everyone

Answer: Everyone


15. We were playing scrabble.

1. Playing

2. Scrabble

3. We

4. Were

Answer: We

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