Geography Important Questions For Competitive Exams

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Geography Important Questions For Competitive Exams

Indian Geography Objective GK Questions and Answers : Hello my dear friends, This post is all about Indian Geography Questions (MCQs) free PDF for upsc pdf of ncert notes for upsc will help you to boost your score in SSC Exams. However, This Geography GK Questions is very important to Crack SSC CGLCHSL (10+2) and CPO Sub Inspector (SI) Exams. Also this Indian Geography GK Question with Answer will be helpful for SSC Junior Engineer (JE)Stenographer and SSC JHT.

This article on Geography Questions and Answers is prepared for SSC Examinations. ssc Indian Geography MCQ is very important to crack SSC Competitive exams. Best Important Geography questions for competitive exams designed according to SSC Latest Syllabus.

Indian Geography Quiz : Staff Selection Commission released the SSC Exam calendar so download Quiz on Indian Geography with Answers ebook and start your preparation. You can find many Geography MCQ question and answer study materials for the SSC Exams Preparation but choosing the best world geography questions with answers one is the big task. We at provide the best upsc geography notes pdf study material for all SSC Exams.

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Indian and World Geography Questions Answers

1. भूगोल का जनक किसे कहा जाता है ?
Ans-  हिकैटियस

2. भूगोल के लिए ज्योग्रैफिका शब्द का प्रयोग सर्वप्रथम किसने किया ?
Ans-  इरैटोस्थनीज

3. मानव भूगोल का पिता निम्नलिखित में से किसको कहा जाता है ?
Ans-  कार्ल रिटर

4. भूगोल को मानव पारिस्थितिकी के रूप में परिभाषित करने वाला विद्धान कौन है ?
Ans-  एच. एच. बैरोज

5. भू-आकृति विज्ञान का जन्मदाता किसे माना जाता है ?
Ans-   पेशल

6. भूगोल पृथ्वी को केन्द्र मानकर अध्ययन करने वाला विज्ञान है, ऐसा किसने कहा था ?
Ans-  वारेनियस

7. सौरमण्डल के बारे में विश्व के समक्ष जानकारी प्रस्तुत करने का श्रेय किस विद्धान को है ?
Ans-  कॉपरनिकस

8. सूर्य के चारों और घूमने वाले खगोलीय पिण्ड क्या कहलाते हैं ?
Ans-  ग्रह

9. भूलोग भूतल का अध्ययन है ऐसा किसने कहा था ?
Ans-  काण्ट

10. सौरमण्डल में कुल कितने ग्रह हैं ?
Ans-  8

11. किसी ग्रह के चारों ओर परिक्रमा करने वाले छोटे आकाशीय पिण्ड को क्या कहते हैं ?
Ans-   उपग्रह

12. ग्रहों की गति का नियम प्रतिपादित किसने किया ?
Ans-  केप्लर

13. नार्वे में अर्द्धरात्रि के समय सूर्य कब दिखाई देता है ?
Ans-  21 जून

14. सौरमण्डल की खोज किसने की ?
Ans-   कॉपरनिकस

15. सौरमण्डल का जन्मदाता किसे कहा जाता है ?
Ans-   सूर्य

16. एक ग्रह की अपने कक्ष में सूर्य से अधिकतम दूरी को क्या कहा जाता है ?
Ans-  अपसौर

17. एक ग्रह की अपने कक्ष में सूर्य से न्यूनतम दूरी को क्या कहा जाता है ?
Ans-   उपसौर

18. अन्तरिक्ष में कुल कितने तारामण्डल है ?
Ans-  89

19. पार्थिव ग्रहों की संख्या कितनी है ?
Ans-   4

20. ब्रह्यण्ड में विस्फोटी तारा कहलाती है ?
Ans-  अभिनव तारा

Geography Question And Answer In English

1. Who is called the ‘Father of Geography’? – Hecatius
2. Who is the author of ‘Geographica’? – Eratosthenes
3. How many planets are there in the solar system? – 8
4. Which is the largest planet? – Jupiter
5. What are the two planets which do not have satellites? – Mercury and Venus
6. Which planet takes maximum time in one revolution around the Sun? – Neptune
7. Asteroids are small celestial bodies in the solar system, they are found between which two planets? – Between Mars and Jupiter
8. What is the name of the planet which is called ‘Earth’s twin sister’? – Venus
9. What is the unit of finding distance between stars? – light year
10. Which is the heaviest planet? – Jupiter
11. How many degrees (degrees) is the earth tilted on its axis? – 23 1/2°
12. Which planet is the farthest from the Sun? – Neptune
13. In which direction does the Sun rotate on its axis? – east to west
14. Where is the ‘Sea of ​​Tranquility’? – on the moon
15. Which is the smallest planet? – wed
16. Who is called ‘the father of the solar system’? – to the sun
17. Which is the hottest planet in the solar system? – Venus
18. In which constellation do the stars point to the Pole Star? – saptarshi
19. How long does it take for Saturn to revolve around the Sun? – 29.5 years
20. How long does Uranus take in one revolution around the Sun? – 84 years
21. How much distance does the earth travel around per minute? – 49 kms
22. What does the color of a star indicate? – of his heat
23. Which planet emits green light? – Neptune
24. How long does it take for the Sun to revolve around the center of our galaxy? – 25 million years
25. Which is the most accepted theory of the origin of the universe? – Big Bang Theory
26. What is the galaxy of Earth called? – Mandakini
27. What is the coolest and brightest group of stars in the Earth’s galaxy called? – Orion Nebula
28. Which planet has day value and inclination of its axis almost equal to the day scale and inclination of Earth? – of Neptune
29. The limit beyond which stars suffer from internal death is called? – Chandrasekhar limit

30. Which is the first discovered asteroid? – cirrus

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